100 Families Oakland - Art and Social Change Guidebook, Free Download.

The guidebook includes step by step information on how to develop a successful program in your community, and includes lesson plans in photography, quilting and dance.

A team of 100 Families artists, administrators, curriculum writers and families put together this guidebook. The book was designed by Jason and through funding by generous grants and foundations credited in the book through the CCA Center for Art and Public Life, it is intended to be distributed freely and encourage more community action through the arts.

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100 Familias de Oakland : Arte y Cambio Social de la Guía para

Un equipo de 100 familias artistas , administradores , escritores del plan de estudios y más elaborado esta guía . El libro fue diseñado por Jason ya través de la financiación por las generosas donaciones y fundaciones acreditados en el libro está destinado a ser distribuido libremente y fomentar una mayor acción de la comunidad a través de las artes . La guía incluye información paso a paso sobre cómo desarrollar un programa exitoso en su comunidad , e incluye planes de lecciones en la fotografía, el acolchado y la danza. (Perdono pero no estoy con fluidez en español.)

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Art Esteem

See the current Arts and Social Change artists at work in Oakland. See how you can connect with them for professional development in your arts education. How you can help with arts in Oakland, and learn more about the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project.

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100 Families Oakland: Art & Social Change book

by Dr. Sonia BasSheva Mañjon

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This beautiful color book documents highlights of the 100 Families community arts project of The Center for Art and Public Life, affilliated with California College of Art (CCA). This Oakland project served residents of the Chinatown, Fruitvale, East Oakland and West Oakland neighborhoods and culminated in an exhibit at the Oakland Museum of Art. The 100 Families project was conceived to enliven the creative spirit and celebrate the power of families and neighborhoods in Oakland through the transformative process of creating art that promotes hope, action, and beauty. For repeating cycles of ten consecutive weeks, families came together to learn about and create art. The project opened up communications between parents and children, children and their peers, and among all with their local community. 100 Families: Art and Social Change features color photos by TaSin Sabir, a graduate of CCA, who has captured families working together and their art. The publication also describes the program model, including background, planning and implementation, evaluation survey graphs and summary information on the program's impact.

Hardcover: 100 pages

Publisher: Center for Art and Public Life (January 1, 2007)

Family Projects Help Neighborhood, Promote Understanding

Read the article in the East Bay Times by KAMIKA DUNLAP | Bay Area News Group May 27, 2008 about the 100 Families project.

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