the Sun Never Sets, 3
Shifting the Frame, Coastal Memory
Persistence of the Sun
Drawing with the Sun & Sea, 24
Drawing with the Sun & Sea, 35
Shifting the Frame, 101
Drawing with the Sun & Sea, 59
Trees, like Fireworks, 2
Trees, like Fireworks, 16
Visual Ambient Drone, Pacific, Calla Lillies
Sun Flare, Eight and a Half Minutes from the Sun
Shifting the Frame, Memory Shroud
Shifting the Frame, Memory Wave
the Weight, the Light, 7
the Weight, the Light, 3
the Weight, the light (untitled 4)
Shifting the Frame, Unseen Sky
the Weight, the Light, 29
The Form from the Formless Sea
Photographing Allness
the Weight the Light (untitled 22)
 Exhibition at the Photography Show, presented by AIPAD. NYC 2017.
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