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Conceptual and Metaphorical Capacities of Landscape, by A. Will Brown, Daily Serving, online contemporary art magazine

Code of Process: Performance and Gesture in Photography, by Sarah Pollman3200K a publication of analog photography

Meta-Landscapes and Visual Ambient Drones, by Eiketsu Baba, Attack Ebisu, Tokyo and International Artists

Shifting the Frame, by Katie Stretton, ToneLit Photography Magazine

House of Perception, by Harry Rose, Darwin Contemporary Photography Magazine


About the Artist

Jason Engelund
Born 1971, California

Jason Engelund is a photographer, painter, poet and social artist. In 2000 Engelund received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in painting and experimental film/video at the California College of the Arts. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Davis. He is a founding member of the California College of the Arts Center for Art and Public Life where he worked for eleven years developing and supporting programs for artists to collaborate with communities locally, and across the globe to address social and humanitarian issues. Through his work supporting the flamenco arts community in the Bay Area Engelund was invited to work with the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum. In 2012 Engelund was awarded a Sustainable Arts Foundation Individual Artist grant for his work in photography. Crayola awarded Engelund and school partner Chabot Elementary an arts education grant for his program "Contemporary Voices in Arts Education" providing teachers professional development in arts fundamentals and arts education pedagogy and teaching resources. In 2016 Engelund was selected as one of eleven artists in California working in photography for the Museum of Photographic Arts invitational. These exhibitions held every three years showcase the talent and diverse scope of artwork by photographers living within the museum’s home state.


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Generous support provided by the Individual Artist grant, Sustainable Arts Foundation.